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contrast to the Pentagon's ability to hire
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Electronic cigarettes are not harmless Technology Grand

Smoking is harmful to health, which is well known for common sense. Some smokers because of health considerations and other factors, will turn their attention to electronic cigarettes, but scientists in Europe and America after repeated research and demonstration concluded: the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes are not safe and sound, in fact, its very existence to human health Large potential risks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization, although electronic cigarettes to quit smoking may play a supporting role, but its use has not been supported by clinical trials related to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional tobacco, in recent years, many in Europe State prevailed. Italian Ministry of Finance recently said that because 40 percent of smokers for health and reduce spending and instead consider smoking electronic cigarette, causing Treasury tax reduction of nearly $ 200 million, at present, to change the smoking electronic cigarette smokers continued to show an increasing trend. U.S. electronic smokers has reached 3.5 million, with annual sales of $ 400 million, though this figure and 1% U.S. $ 80 billion tobacco market, but forecasts that consumer electronics is expected to exceed 10 years smoke cigarettes. As technology continues to improve, the electronic cigarette market over the next 10 years will be a real cigarette electronic cigarette, also known as virtual cigarettes, cigarettes and traditional shape is similar, but the internal structure is very different, generally by a battery bar, atomizer and smoke bomb components. Battery powered atomizer pole, can smoke bombs inside the liquid nicotine into mist, so that users have a similar sense of current smoking, electronic cigarettes and other products collectively referred to as low harm of tobacco products in the suction .  Although the electronic cigarette is introduced to reduce the dangers of smoking and cigarette substitute products, but its potential health risks can not be ignored, in which nicotine is a highly addictive substance, if not in accordance with the requirements of smoking cessation drugs, strict, gradual reduction slow-release, it is impossible to play a role in smoking cessation nicotine replacement process. Moreover, once the excessive inhalation of nicotine, can also cause high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms of arrhythmia and even induce a heart attack. Therefore, as long as the electronic cigarette contains nicotine, it is not healthy products. In addition, most in the sale of smokeless tobacco products even though (a carcinogen) nitrosamine content is low, but the level of emissions of volatile changes in nicotine, which causes smokers not to smoke in the case, which was used as a substitute aspiration, but can not play a role in smoking cessation electronic cigarette also contains a lot of added ingredients, such as electronics manufacturers to put the liquid nicotine in tobacco smoke bombs evaporated, add the propylene glycol at a maximum share of liquid smoke bombs 90 more content. Experts of the German Federal Health Education Center after electronic cigarette research found that the substance would cause irritation of respiratory tract, triggering some of the acute symptoms. Although the electronic cigarette manufacturers claim that the electronic cigarette is not harmful components of cigarette tar, suspended particles, etc., do not contain tobacco smoke healthier than traditional cigarettes, but so far, both at home and abroad without electronic cigarette information system security assessment Because of this, sales of electronic cigarettes described as rainbow night on a global scale. As countries of rigor electronic cigarette review differ, in some countries such as Italy, the Philippines and the United States selling electronic cigarettes in many countries Brazil, Greece and Singapore banned the sale and import. Currently, some countries have legislation to strengthen the management of electronic cigarettes, require manufacturers of such products before sale, you must provide evidence of smokers suffering from the risks related diseases and addiction forums debate microblogging SNS interview to the approving authority

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