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Electronic cigarettes may be harmful to health
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This ad strange it does not hurt the lungs to smoke there?? Yesterday (22) days after the public left uncle when a shop next to the Fujiang theaters, suddenly saw the store played such an ad: Smoking not to hurt the lungs.  This is not a business in misleading consumers Oh? ​​Left uncle opened the newspaper hotline, expressed his concerns.

Grandpa left with questions, this reporter conducted a survey. This is an electronic cigarette We, therefore there is no harm to the human body. Salesperson told reporters. Reporters asked why not say so, the sales staff said that this is a marketing tool, in order to arouse public attention more on advertising.

Subsequently, the reporter learned in the interview process, in Mianyang City, the advertising sales of cigarettes in such businesses a few alternatives, although this nor that cigarette smoke, but many people in the advertising industry for such disapproval. Yang citizens 15 years of age smoke, for electronic cigarette, he has his own views, the electronic cigarette new and unique will attract some minor smoke onto the road.

Cigarette advertising alternatives is a violation of the relevant laws and regulations? Yesterday, the reporter went to Mianyang City of Industry, understanding.

This case belongs to describe untrue. A staff member ad Branch Trade and Industry Bureau told reporters, especially for cigarettes such goods. She introduced on smoking is harmful to health, is a national mandatory, and this ad undoubtedly is misleading, in addition, some businesses even cigars, pipes and other images appear in the ad, which also are more likely to mislead young people to imitate smoking, so businesses should pay attention to its negative effects.

Now the business sector has not given cigarette alternatives such non-tobacco products like cigarettes a precise definition, news reporter called the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau liaison persons concerned, he said: To be sure, do not belong to the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau the scope of regulation. Currently authorities are to define the properties of these products, if the 'smoke' they should accept the supervision of the relevant departments, not 'smoke', then there should be another title to avoid misleading.

Smoking does not hurt lung This ad is indeed tempting, but people have questioned this, it really can replace cigarettes? In this regard, many people in the medical profession have had a question, the first is the chemical composition of tobacco substitutes electronic cigarette is unknown, might be interested in the health impact, more importantly, can not control the nicotine content of electronic cigarettes, smoking cessation success will became unknown.

In addition, the World Health Organization to quit Douglas Boettcher agency officials have also expressed through the media, said: Some people say that this is a method of treatment to help smokers quit smoking, this is purely a lie. He warns: This product There are some highly toxic chemical additives. because electronic cigarette is usually made of stainless steel, pipe filled with different concentrations of liquid nicotine. Users can like real cigarettes inhale nicotine, but do not want to really ignite them, not the kind of real cigarette smoke generated heated sucked into the lungs. He said: The World Health Organization does not consider 'electronic cigarette' is an appropriate nicotine replacement therapy and some producers hinted this product has been approved by the World Health Organization and recognition, the World Health Organization can not accept this false implied. .

Experts advise that if you need to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes or people in need, as far as possible to the smoking cessation clinic to seek professional medical organizations physician advice to quit, targeted smoking cessation treatment. (Xing Zhiyu) [Close].

Первый российский форум по электронным сигаретам » Покупка и продажа » Форум поставщиков электронных сигарет » Electronic cigarettes may be harmful to health
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